Sussex Gin Fest - Borde Hill Garden 2019


I’ve tried Buddhism, Scientology, Numerology, Transcendental Meditation, Qabbala, t’ai chi, feng shui and Deepak Chopra but I find straight gin works best.
— Phyllis Diller

Sussex has asserted its place at the top of the league table for artisan, bespoke and small batch Gin brands in the UK.

The luscious countryside and prime coastal location provides for exclusive local botanical ingredients and boutique distilleries. From vegan and ethically minded to experimental and globally influenced, these are just some of the reasons why Sussex Gin Fest 2019 will be showcasing the absolute best home-grown brands that our county has to offer. But it doesn’t stop there…

As well as alternative alcoholic tempters on the day, we will be featuring global and nationwide gins in our festival Zones and Bars. What to expect:

-          The Botanical Gin Garden

-          Gins of the World

-          Best of the Rest

-          … and not to forget our largest zone, Sussex Gins

Read more below about our Gin, Ale and Beer vendors, as well as our Official Mixer Partner for 2019 - Folkington’s Artisan Mixers.



jarrolds 2.png

Inspired by global travels, Jarrold’s have combined UK and Dutch traditions with accents of foreign botanicals to create modern classics.

Jarrold’s London Dry perfectly balances a rich botanical combination: Persian limes, Grains of Paradise, Coriander, Angelica, Cardamom and Calamus.



This award-winning Gin combines six aromatic botanicals. Crisp and bright, Tom Cat leaves the drinker with a warm finish of Orange.

Tom Cat sources pure Sussex mineral water from Pear Tree Well: 120ft deep and under a 5ft thick layer of rock, this mineral rich, unique water rounds off the Gin with a natural full flavour.  



Bottled, stamped and labelled by hand, every batch of Harley House is of limited stock.

One of their much loved staples, Sussex Blue, is not only inspired and named after the Sussex Adonis Blue butterfly, but changes colour from royal navy to candy pink once a premium mixer has been added.



From the ingredients to the wax dip, Brighton Gin is proudly Vegan (and Gluten Free). This brand specialise in sourcing from local traders and Milk thistle straight from the South Downs.

Zesty, fresh, botanic blends and organic ingredients make this Gin a local classic. You may also see their Gin customized bike delivering local orders!



Possibly one of the smallest distillery spaces in Sussex, Hove located brand, Madame Jennifer, offer two Gins that echo their Founder’s original professions.

Boasting twelve botanicals between them, The Biologist is a “bright, lively, citrus gin”, whereas The Chemist offers a “smooth, balanced, complex” drinking experience.



Chichester Harbour Gin pays homage to its proud shoreline location through three local suppliers of their fifteen botanicals: bayleaf, seaweed and juniper.

A tip from the distillers for drinking Chichester Harbour Gin: “Our favourite way to drink CHG&T is always a double, with lots of ice, a slice of lemon, a sprig of fresh mint and Indian tonic water.”



Generation 11 Sussex Dry “is a modern take on a classic London Dry Gin style”. Eight botanicals make up this contemporary/ traditional mix including zesty English coriander, spicy cardamom and pepper and lavender for lasting subtlety.

The term Generation 11 derives from historic family ties to King William and Queen Mary, who’s legacy, the Glorious Revolution, also included the transport of Jenever to England.



Incredibly smooth and citrusy, serving suggestions include mixing with a premium tonic and a slice sized portion of grapefruit juice over ice.

Blue Thorn features six botanicals including the unique addition of almond. Their gin is distilled in the historical Langley Distillery, who’s still’s date back to the 1800s.



Gin + Added Thought = Afterthought. This was the philosophy that named this lively local brand.

Crafting their gin with the ‘discerning’ drinker in mind, Afterthought combine the traditional favourites with other global botanicals as their individual stamp: Indian sarsaparilla, Meadowseet, mint and lavender.


mayfield logo.png

This lively Sussex based Hop Gin brand combines eight botanicals including the sweet and woody flavour of liquorice. This harmonises with Angelica plant to create a distinct dry and earthy flavour.

The story of Mayfield is derived from legend and folklore, directly inspiring the dramatic label on their bottles.



With roots dating back to 1985, Blackdown Distillery is the oldest distillery in Sussex and are proud to be the creators of the original Sussex Dry Gin. Their signature botanicals of Silver Birch sap, Juniper, Pine, Sage, Bay, Wormwood & Angelica root all which are harvested from the 40 acres of ancient woodlands on the distillery estate and from around the world to create a cornucopia collection of spirits.





With six staple cask ales, distinct beers and various other ranges, Harvey’s brewery is proudly the oldest independent brewery in Sussex. The company is still privately run, currently seeing its eighth generation in Management.



official mixer partner 2019

Folkingtons Tonic.png

We are proud to announce that Folkington’s Artisan Mixers will be Sussex Gin Fest 2019’s Official Mixer Partner.

A Sussex based, independent premium brand, Folkington’s source their produce as locally as possible to support trade, as well as actively practicing more ethical production and sustainability.

Indian, Indian (Light), English Garden and Earl Grey tonics are among their Artisan range.