Sussex Gin Fest - Borde Hill Garden 2020

Top Fest Tips & FAQs


 Top Fest Tips & FAQs

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We want you to have the best time at Sussex Gin Fest, which is why we’ve put together some tipples and tricks for you to have an equal amount of festivity and safety.

You can also find a lot of these and more at our Terms and Conditions

Change is Our Friend - card payments will be accepted, however if you’re paying with cash please make sure you bring enough: there are no cash points on site.

Tickets to Hand - tickets will be scanned at the gates when you arrive. Pleeease print all your tickets in advance or have the bar-code ready on your phone so you can enter Sussex Gin Fest quickly!

Can the Kids Come Along? - even though we host a Summer festival, it is also an alcoholic one. Please treat this with a nightclub-esque rule of thumb: 18s and overs only!

^ As Above, but with Dogs - we’re afraid all animal companions won’t be allowed to join us. Service/ support animals on the other hand are more than welcome.

For our Fresh Faced Friends - we will be operating a Challenge 25 policy (can you tell we really like safety?), so if you look younger than 25 please bring your ID so you don’t miss out on anything due to your glowing youth.

How Do I Get There? - take a look at our page HERE covering cars, trains, drop offs, car parks and directions (we’ve racked our brains to cover everything!).

(Empty) Bottles at the Ready - we love our Gin brands, so please don’t bring any alcohol or other drinks with you as you will lose these to the amnesty bin! All empty (glass-free) bottles ready to be filled with water from inside the grounds at our water points are more than welcome however.

^ As Above, but with Nosh - we have so many amazing food stalls for you and we love them as much as our Gin brands, so please don’t worry about bringing food as this will join external alcohol/ liquids in the amnesty bin!

“‘Scuse Me, Where are the Toilets?” - a primarily liquid-based festival in a Sound of Music-esque field could be a problem… but don’t panic - there are going to be plenty of toilets dotted around the festival.

We Love the Sun, but We Love Your Wellbeing More - we know it’s almost uncontrollably exciting when the sun comes out in England, but please bring hats, sunnies, sun cream… all necessary heat protection to keep you happy and healthy to frolic around the festival for as long as possible.

What Happens at Gin Fest, stays at Gin Fest - all drinks must be said goodbye to and left on the site before you leave unless they have been purchased as a gift/ won as a prize and kept sealed in their bottles/ containers (i.e. all cups and drinks otherwise must stay at the gin haven of Gin Fest where they belong).

Resist the Temptation - there will be so much gin and food goodness available at all the wonderful stalls, which is why we kindly ask you to keep all purchased goods sealed for as long as you’re at the event.

Take a Seat - we have a limited number of folded chairs and benches dotted around plus large, high quality picnic blankets for sale at our merch stand. Please feel free to bring your own chairs and blankets if you wish.

Is This Event Wheelchair Accessible? Yes - but please be aware that this is an outside event taking place on a field (the ground may be bumpy and sloped in areas).

Don’t Bruise the Mood - we’re serious about everyone’s safety and health, so if behavior starts to slip we’ll be kindly asking you to leave the festival. Please drink responsibly.

Please familiarise yourself with the rest of our Ts and Cs for all other info!